Orofacial Myofunctional
Functional Tongue
Therapy Easy to Swallow


There are five parts to the treatment:
  • Habit elimination therapy done with rewards and behavior modification
  • A series of therapy exercises, which improve nasal breathing and oral facial functions
  • Promoting proper chewing and swallowing
  • Re-patterning head and neck posture problems
  • Generalization and habituation of the new muscle pattern
I welcome the opportunity to discuss the problem and the solutions further through face-to-face or virtual contact. I believe the public must learn what this life-altering therapy can do.
Therapy Easy To Swallow Swallowing Water
Cecilia is excellent at coaching you through the process of repositioning your tongue posture. She sincerely wants you to succeed and knows exactly how to help you. After my therapy, my tongue posture and breathing are dramtically improved. If you are looking for a highly skilled and caring Myofunctional Therapist, I highly recommend Cecilia. Doug C. Cecilia's extensive knowledge, background, and sincere passion for the health of her clients get results. My sleep, breathing, communication, and swallowing have all improved thanks to her expertise and tailored exercises. I am so thankful to have met and worked with Cecilia. Katie J. I learned I had mild to moderate sleep apnea and was prescribed the cpap machine, which does nothing to address the causes of the problem. I chose not to go that route and looked for an alternative, more natural way to resolve the problem, and was lucky enough to come across Cecilia at Functional Tongue. With six months of weekly therapy exercises, I can say I no longer feel like I'm constantly tired, in a "fog", and dragging through each day. I sleep much better (no more snoring!) and wake more rested. Cecilia targets the causes and prescribes exercises activities to correct the actual problem. This does take effort and commitment, but the alternative (a bothersome and expensive machine that only helps with the symptoms and doesn't address what's causing the problem) makes it well worth the investment. An added bonus: her "treatment" is much cheaper than a "conventional medicine". If you have mild to moderate sleep apnea, I highly recommend the logic of what Cecilia does at Functional Tongue! Dave B.

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